If you would like to be involved in class communications to get to know other parents, share reminders about school and organise play dates, you can get in touch with your class parent rep. Please be reminded that this is not a group for asking for help with any concerns about curriculum or the school – these definitely need to be addressed by staff.

Class Child Parent
N Willow TBC TBC
N Chestnut TBC TBC
N Maple Mila Fatima Ahmed
N Sycamore Amelia Yousra Benhammou
R Loughborough Riley Hayley
  Frazier Ramsey
R Sheffield Hallam Amelia Salma
R Surrey Nareen Natalia
1 Greenwich Zayd Afshan
1 Leeds Mysha Newa
1 Nottingham Trent Laith Louise
2 Cumbria Abdelkarim Sara
2 Durham Darcie Jodie
2 Swansea Yousef Liliana
3 Cardiff Eva Nafsika
3 Dublin Aliya Heena
3 Hong Kong Vivi Adriana
4 Birmingham Ryu Maryam
4 Cape Town Victor Noemie
4 Canterbury Shadi Liliana
5 Birmingham Mariam Marwa
5 Goldsmiths Noreine Elodie
5 York Raaid Rushda
6 Leeds Shakil Alima
6 Norwich Mubbashir Zoal
6 Plymouth Rahan Hanan